A uniquely holistic
approach to risk



About Eikos

Eikos is a London-based boutique risk and insurance consultancy with particular expertise in dealing with corporate risk, both at a strategic and operational level, across a diverse global client base.

The intelligent solution of Eikos transforms the way risk is understood to achieve optimum balance in the risk and reward trade-off. Its risk financing mechanisms maximise clients’ ability to finance and manage their corporate risk with greater efficiency.

The business is unique in its fusion of mathematics, quantitative analysis, finance, economics, psychology, law, and investment theory – all of which are elements in its holistic approach to risk. Its workforce is a melting pot of backgrounds in academia and industry; as a result the team thinks widely, and technically, about risk and its financing. The organisation’s flexible and dynamic character has led to its recent growth, prompting enduring innovation and breaking of the traditional insurance model. As a result of its resourceful and agile nature, Eikos is a resilient business that delivers creative solutions to complex and varied client needs.

The company was founded more than twenty years ago by Anthony Valsamakis, a disruptor of the insurance industry. The vision set by Tony and his founding partners was to create a risk finance consultancy independent from the main broker players, which they believed would better serve the interests of clients. This has proven to be effective: over two decades later, the business has adapted to, and withstood various market changes and other dynamics – demonstrating an exceptional resilience and capability.

Valsamakis harbours an infectious passion for risk; he pioneered a new perspective within insurance, taking inspiration from economics and business theory and applying this to risk and its management. His imaginative and solution-focused ethos formed the kernel from which Eikos grew, and is a mindset shared by all in the company.

The business is 100% management owned, and with that retains a rare independence that is of utmost benefit to its clients. Eikos is optimally positioned to help its clients to analyse their loss data and risk exposures, and in turn to achieve the optimum balance between risk retention and risk transfer.

Such an independent structure, combined with qualities of unparalleled ambition and integrity, results in Eikos’s fiercely client-centric approach. The team prioritises making itself available, accessible, accountable – and will deliver as it promises.